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Parfumerie Al Wassila is a French company created by an amateur of oriental perfumes, who embarked on the project of founding a perfume shop completely online with the aim of bringing together all the best Fragrance from the East and from the biggest brands. oriental perfumery, such as Arabian Oud, Abdul Samad Al Qurashi, Ahmed Al Maghribi, Ajmal, Swiss Arabian, Elite Oud, and many others…
This passion for oriental perfumes was born following a trip to the Middle East, during which he fell completely under the spell of the odors of Oud and oriental scented atmospheres, aware that this type of perfumery is still very little known to the French public. and European, from there was founded the Al Wassila Perfumery on an innovative idea:

Make oriental perfumery accessible to all and bring together the best of oriental perfumery in one shop.

We offer our customers products, selected and tested by us, from the biggest brands in oriental perfumery, all products are original and authentic brand names. We do not sell any copies or imitations.

Parfumerie Al Wassila is above all perfumes of excellence for all.

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